Migraine affects up to 10% of men and 25% of women. Chronic daily headache affects up to 5% of the general population. Fifty percent of patients are never diagnosed. Fifty percent of patients diagnosed are not satisfied with their treatment. Uncommon headache disorders are often not properly diagnosed for years.

Our Headache Center offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for adults, adolescents and children. Dr. Florin is a headache subspecialist, board-certified in Headache Medicine. Management options include medications to treat each attack and prevent attacks, lifestyle changes, awareness of migraine triggers, and complementary and alternative medicine. Newer treatments are trigger point injections and use of botulinum toxin (BOTOX and other brands).

Intensive and ongoing research has led to a better understanding of the complexity of the migraine process and, in turn, more effective treatment.

Especially exciting are the new CGRP monoclonal antibodies, the only medications that specifically target the migraine process itself.

Patients who took part in our clinical trials of these medications are thrilled that they are now available. The brand names are Aimovig, Ajovy, and Emgality.